Jessica Andersen

"By presenting refuse in the intimate and personal format of jewelry, I ask the viewer to reflect upon their relationships to objects and things." 

Lynn Batchelder

"I approach materials and processes illogically and without preconceptions in order to redefine their potential."

Thea Clark

"The layers build with the resonance of color, texture, and material choices, allowing the pieces to pay homage to the natural wonder of the Arctic."

Nikki Couppee

"With the use of these everyday materials, I am able to exaggerate the size and abundance of gemstones to parody or poke fun at the socio-economic issues of class systems physically made manifest in the wearing of fine jewelry."

Motoko Furuhashi

"I am fascinated by the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death – and the complexity of the processes that govern life between one place and the next."

Steven Gordon Holman

"The Tribe was born out of the West Desert and contemporary hunting culture; its shaman the rabbit and its oracle the magpie."

Alexandra Hopp

"I use the traditional jewelry forms, techniques, materials, and visual vocabulary of the goldsmith, in purposeful profusion so the original function is lost, resulting in an exercise in mania."

Masumi Kataoka

"I am interested in what jewelry can do." 

Joshua Kosker

"How do objects shape experiences and, in turn, how can actions imprint meaning on the material world?"

Tova Lund

"This work explores my physical and psychological relationship to landscape and place."

Sharon Massey

"My work is inspired by the post-industrial landscape of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Through use of both labor and materials I pay homage to the region’s blue-collar past."

Jaydan Moore

"I am motivated by objects traversing time, changing in meaning as they are passed down, and becoming cherished as their significance grows." 

Wei Lah Poh

"Handle draws upon enamelware’s visible record of use; it’s degraded and chipped edges, as well as the beautiful patina of rust on steel."

Kerianne Quick

"This work is based on the human urge to collect, to mark occasions with tangible objects, and an objects ability to connect us to history and memory."

Kaiya Rainbolt

"How can we respond to issues that are challenging and not succumb to the urge to reject those that are painful to us?"

Yumi Janairo Roth

"I explore immigration, hybridity, and displacement through discrete objects, site-responsive installations, solo projects, and collaborations."

Jina Seo

"The fragments of ordinary clothes convey a tactile and erotic interaction, emphasizing the physical movements between certain parts of body and garments."

Demitra Thomloudis

"As jewelry, these intimate objects coexist with the body as a means to connect with the landscape from afar."

Jess Tolbert

"I am interested in the ability objects hold - to connect people to individual and collective experiences, whether meaningful, evocative, or mundane."